Social platforms for intra-business work

By changing the way we interact between colleagues in and between your organization you can help increase the productivity and decrease the time it takes to find stuff.

The concept is simple – just change the way you use email in two steps:

  1. Stop starting with message in an email plus an attached file.
  2. Start with the file, comment it + share it.

If you then have a system that allows social interaction (like Highq, Google Apps, Yammer, Sharepoint, Odoo ERP etc) this will have several benefits.

  1. The number of copies of the file decreases to one (less data on the harddisk and mailbox)
  2. Everybody knows where to find the file
  3. A micro-blog is available for other users to follow a conversation about this particular subject/file/work

Yammers founder referred in an interview to EY in Australia where they implemented a social business interaction platform and decreased the employee retention from 80% to 98%. Their staff simply did not want to change firm any more!


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