Blue Ocean StrategyBlue Ocean strategi

A very inspiring book about a strategy to create your own market.

The theory is well founded in research and it fits beautifully into the concept of Umbrella Employment between ordinary employment, temp-employment and self-employment.


En mycket spännande bok om hur man skapar nya affärsmöjligheter utan att kannibalisera på befintlig verksamhet eller på konkurrenternas.


Keep your goals to yourself – or?

Derek Sivers argues that you should not share your goals and dreams with your close supportive friends.

This pussled me a lot, actually have pussled me since I saw the TED-video in august, it is first now that I realize the last comments in his TED-talk and have been able to transform them to useful actionable information.

See him in original, it is only 6 minutes.